5 Reasons Why You’re Still Unhappy With Your Body

5 Reasons Why You’re Still Unhappy With Your Body

Nutrition Clock ConceptSelf confidence is something that many of us would just LOVE to have – to be able to look at our bodies in the mirror and just be confident in how they look –

And feel great about it.

However, no matter how much we try new things – or we go from one thing to the next – if you don’t get the foundations of understanding your body’s function and needs – you will NEVER get that body you desire…

Here are the top five things which are holding you back: –

1 – Too Little Sleep:

Yes, the amount of times I hear people say “there’s plenty time for sleeping when you’re dead” – Charming! But it’s one of the BIG reasons you’re not shifting weight – particularly from your belly! You 100% need to have a healthy bed time routine and to be tucked up for 10:30pm on an evening – there’s no reason why late night TV programmes can’t be recorded or caught up with online…


2 – Stress & Anxiety:

This is of no lesser importance than sleep! Modern day life sees people getting more and more stressed, whether it’s about work, family life, relationships or finances – and it’s making us fat AND ill.  If you’re over stressed you will find your sleep quality deteriorate, you’ll find it hard to switch off and get to sleep or you will be waking up throughout the night… find time for you.  Limit your obligations and only take on as much as you can manage…

3. Food Intolerance:

Often we don’t even realise we have them – and despite thinking we’re making ‘healthy choices’ they could have hidden ingredients in them which are causing us digestive problems – and these digestive problems are causing us to bloat, retain water and prevent our bodies from flushing away toxins and fat stores.  Gluten is one example and is hidden in SO many different things (and even healthy options) – it causes inflammation and an immune response.  Again, know your body and learn what it needs.

4. Cardio Exercise:

The more is better approach to exercise is just a myth! If you’re spending you precious gym time doing aerobic exercise or spending the majority of your workout on x-trainers, running machines or bikes – you’re ASKING to never be in that dream body.  You see, too much time on these things will promote cortisol a stress hormone which makes you store fat.

5.  Snacking:

I always maintain that the BEST way to get in to shape is to NEVER be hungry.  If you’re snacking frequently, you’re stimulating your fat storage hormones every single time you put something in your mouth.  And let’s face it, there’s NOTHING worse than trying to get in to shape and feeling hungry all of the time.  Stop snacking and eat better at meal times…

If you can relate to even just one of these, it has a good chance of being the thing that’s holding you back from getting those results that you want!

Don’t be held back!


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