Boot Camp Newcastle Upon Tyne

Boot Camp Newcastle Upon Tyne

Get in to shape, get the body you want and feel great with Benefit Boot Camp Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Right in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne, I run our Benefit Boot Camp Newcastle Upon Tyne run four nights per week in Exhibition Park which is accessible easily from the City Centre and from Jesmond, depending on which direction you may be travelling from. With sufficient parking spaces and accessibility to local transport within only a few minutes walk, it is in a great location for ease.

Our Benefit Boot Camp sessions are delivered using metabolic conditioning training and also interval training, with a strictly NO RUNNING policy, and most importantly a NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND policy.

Unlike many other Bootcamps, our workouts are designed to be suited to everyone’s ability, and under no circumstances do we divide clients in to groups dependent on their abilities.

We have carefully designed our workouts and have adaptations to offer where necessary, avoiding people being made to feel ‘less adequate’ than those who may be in a different ‘ability’ group to them.

That way, there’s no need to worry about being separated from your friends.

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