Boot Camp Newcastle

Boot Camp Newcastle

If you’re looking to get in cracking shape, drop a clothing size or feel fitter and healthier and you live near Newcastle, Benefit Boot Camp Newcastle runs 4 evenings every single week where we’ll be training outdoors in a fun, enjoyable group of likeminded people.

Our Boot Camps are not at all military style, so there is no throwing tyres around and unlike any other Boot Camp Newcastle has to offer, we have a strict NO RUNNING policy. So forget doing laps of the park that just make you sweaty and out of breath, our Newcastle based Boot Camps involve body weight, density training that’s designed to keep you burning fat for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished your bootcamp session.

In addition to your boot camp classes in Newcastle, we provide you with a full nutritional program that not only helps turn up the fat-burning, but also reduces the amount of fat stored.

As you will see from our extensive online Recipe section, we’re not just talking about salad for every meal here, our Newcastle Boot Camp members eat an incredibly tasty range of foods from burgers to pizzas, to lasagne and even have a takeaway each week if you’d like.

Unlike many traditional ‘boot camps’ our fitness clubs are focused on the exact exercises that bring you the best results for the smallest amount of time you need to invest.

Running, for example is not a terrible exercise, but like most classic cardio workouts, the fat stops burning the moment you stop exercising.

In our Fitness Club classes we use high intensity interval training, resistance training-style exercises that use your major muscle groups and that turns on the fat burning, and keeps it going for up to 48-hours after you’re finished working out.

It’s kind of no wonder we get some of the best results int he shortest time, because you’re still burning fat once you’ve gone home or gone to work having completed your class.

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