Bootcamp Cramlington

If you’re looking for the best bootcamp Cramlington has to offer, where your results are guaranteed, check out Benefit Bootcamps Cramlington.

Our strict ‘no running’ policy means we use body weight exercise as well as a full nutritional program to deliver incredible results, where many have struggled before.

Many of our clients have struggled in the past with keeping motivated, sticking to their diets and when they find Benefit Bootcamps in Cramlington, they suddenly discover our fully integrated nutrition and exercise programs get them the results they’ve been wanting for years.

Join Us For a Free Trial And Receive:

– A Full Nutrition Plan
With no calorie-counting, no weighing your food, no portion control. In fact many people worry that they’re not on a ‘diet’ at all – until they see the weight dropping off!

– Access to 6 Sessions – Totally Free
We run our sessions 3 times each week right in Cramlington, and you can come along to up to six to check it out, and see how you like it.

– Your Own Pace
Everyone is different. Some people are good at push-ups, some people struggle. There’s absolutely no pressure to ‘keep up’ as everyone works at their own pace, and we promise never to shout at you.

Register for your free taster and find out what all the fuss is about!

“Why Have I Heard Of Benefit?”

We’ve been in the press quite a bit. We warm up the crowds for some of the North East’s biggest charity races and fun-runs including Pretty Muddy and the Great North Run. Oh and we trained Spice Girl Mel C and her team for the Great North Run too.