Do You Love Yourself?

Do You Love Yourself?

love yourself in wood typeLoving life, health and happiness all fundamentally come down to the simple element of having love and respect for yourself.

Throughout my own journey and through coaching many others, I have come to understand, that feeling of self-hate and struggling with self-acceptance is one of the most difficult hurdles that we can face – and often the issue that is holding us back from being confident and happy with who and what we are.

Not prioritizing care for yourself – taking time out to look out for you has some detrimental consequences which are ignored far too often.

So, it’s super important to find some self-awareness and find some time and love for you. Because after all, it’s too easy to be so wrapped up in being everything to everyone else in your life – which comes at a cost to you and your health.

You might not even realize that you’re struggling with self-acceptance – if you are you might recognize some of the signs outlined below:

1. That Feeling Of Jealousy Towards Other People’s Success and Happiness

If you find yourself in that place of self-criticism, feeling jealous, inadequate and bitter towards other people who you find are more skilled or accomplished than you are – there’s no need to find yourself wanting to shrink away and hate that person passionately. This happens all too often, especially in competitive industries – when in fact the real problem lies within and to be honest, quite often it can happen without even realizing.

You will find, when you start to love and care for yourself, and can be happy and accepting of who you are, you will see more good in other people and find yourself inspired and motivated by these people.

We will all find someone with a better house, career, better looking, than we are – that doesn’t make them bad people. The bad comes from hating what isn’t right within yourself.

2. That Sense Of Needing Acceptance From Others

Do you find that you need re-assurance and approval about things from the people around you? If so, you’re likely to be running low on approval about yourself and sub-consciously your mind is making you look to other people for re-assurance so that you can fill up your empty tank!

When you can love and accept yourself and be confident in your own decisions, you can be happy to look within yourself for approval. Yes your decisions may raise eyebrows from those around you but you need to make the decisions in life that make you happy from within.

3. Only Feeling Happy When Things Are Going Right…

Life throws it’s challenges at us and they’re there to make is grow and become stronger.

They form us in to the people we are.

Life is an adventure and you should enjoy the ride! – Think of it like this, if you’ve got an amazing travel partner with you on the journey, it doesn’t matter when the plane is delayed, or that the flight food is utterly horrid. You find yourself laughing about it and shrugging it off, making the most and best of it.

We have all learned in growing up, and we will continue to learn that life is and can be rough and when you’re in a loving relationship with the person you are, you’re able to find comfort within yourself, take time to process and re-assure yourself that everything will be okay.

4. That Continuous Battle With Motivation To Eat Well, Exercise Regular And Break Bad Habits

When you love someone, you would never do anything to harm them would you? Would you honestly shove cigarettes in to your child’s mouth, nor would you (hopefully) feed babies doughnuts – or deprive your dog of his / her daily walk out.

However, if you disliked or hated someone – it would be a different matter entirely – you wouldn’t find yourself caring.

If you’re finding it hard and having an ongoing battle with looking after yourself, you need to start by finding time to love yourself – the person you’re primarily taking care of. Self care should be a basic need – just like washing your hair, brushing your teeth and wearing nice clothes – it’s not a distant guilt-inducing fantasy.

When you establish a kind relationship with yourself, you will find it a pleasure to look after yourself and engage in daily habits which nourish and care for your mind and your body.

Self improvement without self love is similar to building a house in the sand – you can build it, but it will always sink.

Building the foundations of self acceptance, self love beneath the accomplishments and expectations and you will always revert to love and get excited about learning something new during those times of feeling as though you’re lacking in some way.

If you spend time on fixing your relationship with yourself and you will see a rapid improvement in your relationship with your body, your mind, your family, your past, your partner, with everyone and everything else.

Over to you now – go fix yourself! 🙂


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