Have Your Cake & Eat It, Please!

Have Your Cake & Eat It, Please!

brownie and ice creamI just wanted to write to you and
drop in to give you some food for
though this Tuesday morning.

And it’s about the chocolate fudge
cake that I ate at the weekend,
along with the piece of steak pie
AND the Thornton’s Truffles – all
TWO of them.

And yep, I loved EVERY second
of them too, I’m not going to lie!

But what a bloody cheek eh?!

Is this a healthy relationship with

I’m going to be straight with you –

I have done just about every
version of a diet going – spend
YEARS of my life in the only ever
eating clean crowd –

I’ve spent YEARS on calorie restricted
diets, eating nothing but plain rabbit
food DREAMING of a piece of pizza,
freshly cooked Tiger Bread and a piece
of warm chocolate fudge cake with some
cold vanilla ice-cream!

And this is how I lived my life for YEARS.

Crazy business – but do you too ever
hear yourself saying:

“I am doing again” ?

Well let me give you this to think
about –

The BEST diet in the world is a
diet that you can stick to.

You see, the way we FEEL, what
we look like and what we do are
ALL brain events –

so feeling good about how you
look happens in the brain –
NOT with the sight of weight loss.

So – (and this is where you
come in)

Is it healthier to FEEL guilty when
you fall off your strict diet, beat yourself
up for it, and then just thrown in the
towel and binge until next Monday
when you make an effort to start


Would you rather have a structure
in your diet that allows for these
moments of pie, cake AND truffles

While still getting in to great shape
and losing weight?

If you click this link, we can help
you build this kind of flexibility
in to your life – and NEVER feel
bad for enjoying yourself again!


Lauren ‘never coming off it’ Sutherland

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