Hitting That Reset Button When It All Goes Pear Shaped

Hitting That Reset Button When It All Goes Pear Shaped

Human brain with Reset button.Isn’t it really frustrating when you’re doing so well and then something like a social occasion, or a rubbish day at home or in the office sets you back because you go for a bar of chocolate, a biscuit or a piece of cake to make you ‘feel better’.

And then annoyingly, once one thing goes you hear yourself, in your telling yourself that you’ve had one bad thing – so another won’t hurt…

… and then another.

And before we know it, it spirals out of control and you’re bringing back in those old habits.

Imagine if getting back on track was as easy as it is to re-set your wifi router when it keeps dropping out… ?

All you need to do is hit one button (often on the back of the router) and voila – back to normal service!

For some reason, we find ourselves finding it really tough to press the re-set button in our minds – yet we can’t get to the wifi router quick enough when that starts to play up…

And in all honesty, it’s not for the love of these things either – they don’t actually taste THAT good.

Certainly not when you do eat well 90% of the time – because nothing actually tastes better than goodness and freshness of real food.

So, why is it so hard to hit re-set?

Mainly, because you’re not ‘there’ with it all in your self, in your mind – you’re not focused on WHY it’s so important to you.

This is why I have been doing strategy sessions with my clients – to get them focused, understanding their goals and helping them map out their individual plan.

Healthy living isn’t just about eating well and exercising regularly although they do help a great deal – it’s about managing all of your triggers and stress.

People who keep a diet free of toxins (food, alcohol, drugs, ‘toxic’ people), sleep well for a good 7.5 hours at night and exercise regularly manage stress a LOT better than those who don’t.

Hitting re-set isn’t the EASIEST thing to do when we get lost in our ways – but you either have a choice to make a decision to make excuses for your health – or you can make the choice to make positive steps towards improving it.

This is why it’s 100% essential that after that one slip – you draw a line under it, forgive yourself and move on. The button is so close at this point… don’t let it get too far away…

Because otherwise before you know it, you’re back to square one… or even further back.

Here are three ways to hit re-set:

1. Make sure that your next meal is 100% clean, gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar free – it makes you feel better instantly and tastes way better. Nothing on there as a slight exception. These exceptions are our excuses.

2. Lean Greens – there’s nothing like a heaped teaspoon in 500ml of water to get you back in the right frame of mind. It tastes healthy, it helps cleanse and detoxify the body and it gives you that boost that you need. I have it each morning before I go out – and then it’s on board. Sometimes I have one pre-workout too.. or even when I fancy it.

(It’s also a great way to get fussy people like my other half to get some essential vitamins and minerals onboard…)

3. Workout – You might not feel like it after a rubbish day, or even less so after a half a loaf of the Baker’s fresh loaf but trust me, it makes you feel 1000% better – especially if you head out in to the fresh air. The cooler air is exhilarating and apart from anything else, you burn more calories because your body needs to work harder to keep you warm.

Winter might be coming but that’s no excuse to just hide under those baggy jumpers –

Your overall physical health is way more important – and regardless, you can’t hide your skin, hair or black under-eye circles under a wooly jumper…

Lauren 🙂

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