Is Hitting Snooze Holding You Back?

Is Hitting Snooze Holding You Back?

Tired and sleepy woman switches off alarm clock.

Tired and sleepy woman switches off alarm clock.

There’s a quote I read recently by a guy called Eben Pagan
and he said that:

“Your first ritual that you do during the day is the highest leveraged
ritual, by far, because it has the effect of setting your mind, and setting
the context for the rest of your day”

… And the more I sat and thought about it – the more it’s true.

You see, recently, I got a bit of a kick up the bum off my trainer –

He told me that I am not actually prioritising my OWN results over
my clients.

And it motivated me to change my morning ritual SIGNIFICANTLY.

And to be honest, since doing so – I have started to see the benefits.

And the first thing I did to change was quit hitting the snooze button
on a morning when the alarm goes off.

You see I USED to be in a bad habit of this.

In fact I won’t lie and say it’s not happened again – it probably has.

BUT it happens WAY less frequently nowadays, as I am working on
fixing that.

You see, if I hit snooze and lie in bed until the very dying second that I
can in a morning before I have to dart out of bed at lightening bolt speed
and throw on my training gear to get to bootcamp on a morning with just
enough time to spare to brush my teeth and scrape back my hair

I don’t have time in my morning to get nutrition in to me.

And some days I leave the house before 6am and don’t get a chance to
get back home until near 12pm depending on my schedule.

So I WAS going fasted until this time.

Some days I crashed with energy and REALLY struggled.

And wondered why I had the appetite of a monster – and couldn’t
cope without carbs in my life every day.

Until my trainer, the Boss man, told me that this needed to change.

And that in trying to do too good by everyone else and concentrating
my efforts in to that, and not focussing on myself too, my own personal
successes were being held back.

And it’s true. I was.

So then – he said to me that I had to draw a line under those habits and
change them, because if I don’t, things just won’t happen for me.

He told me that I needed to prioritise my nutrition and make sure I was getting
in a good source of protein and greens on a morning BEFORE 8am.

I didn’t have time for this –

SO, I had to find the time. And that came from all of the time on a morning that
I wasted hitting the snooze button.

In getting up at 5am – it gives me 50 minutes of my own, un-interrupted time
to get myself awake, brush my teeth, get dressed for work, brush my hair –

I even get time to have s drink of tea for goodness sake never mind making up
my morning nutri-bullet of Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Blueberries, Kiwi and Ginger

As well as popping a protein shake in to a shaker for the mornings I am a little
busier and it’s going to be later before I get a chance to have breakfast.

(No, this is no where near as good as having steak and greens, or fish with
asparagus and cherry tomatoes which are my usual choices – but they help
bridge the gap on busier days until I can eat).

All of these things I do while I am setting a to-do list for the day.

And after just a short space of time I have come round to the thinking that
if you lie in bed on a morning snoozing until the very second you HAVE to get
out of bed and start your day – you’re resisting your life.

Every time we hit the snooze button we are hitting a button which doesn’t therefore
just put you in a state of resistance to your life, but also to waking up and creating
the life for yourself that you SAY you want.

And for me here it’s about my health – and my own personal fitness goals.

– And just for the record, now I have committed to MAKING more time for my breakfast by 9am
at the latest.

And in by doing so, I eat less at meal times and have LESS crashes and and NO cravings.

Like magic really, but not. It’s just stuff that I know and told my clients to do –

But failed to do myself.

So, in stopping hitting snooze – after just a really short time I saw MAJOR benefits
and changes.

I challenge you to give it a go –

Try it for two weeks and let me know how you get on.

I BET you see a difference and feel better for it too.

Don’t resist positive change – life is WAY too short!

Lauren 🙂

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