The Friendliest Outdoor Fitness Club on the Planet

“Drop a dress size, tone up, fit in to your favourite jeans, get a flatter stomach and take the compliments.”

That’s what we do for men and women in our region.


MOST of our clients have tried boot camps, gyms and other things, but they want to do it while enjoying themselves and having a life, right?


You want to eat 3 varied meals every single day (instead of asparagus for a week), you don’t want to starve yourself, you don’t want to be running or get shouted at by some Sergeant Major with a bee in his bonnet, yeah?


Benefit Outdoor Fitness Clubs have quite the reputation for getting incredible results and making you feel amazing about your body while allowing you to scoff a take-away every week.

Our Dirty little Secret

Diets are hard to stick to, that’s why so many people fail at them, give up and don’t to get results with them. Sound familiar?

Instead, as-well-as training 3 times each week at our classes across the region (and you can mix and match between then to suit your lifestyle and schedule), we show you how to make all of your favourite meals in a healthy, nutritious way.

Our members choose their own food for every single meal, every day, and as if that’s not enough – they have a takeaway every week. Unrestricted. Anything you fancy.

By giving your body the fuel it needs to burn off fat, and working it off at our classes you’re happier and it’s MUCH easier to sustain long-term and keep your new body!

Outdoor fitness bootcamps

Hate the Stench of the sweaty gym.. (and nasty changing rooms?)

Yeah. Us too.

So we train outdoors in the fresh-air at secluded venues across the region.

And as an added bonus to the fresh air (which is grand for cooling you down while you work out by-the-way), your body is treated to an abundance of Vitamin D from the sun

Contract or No Contract?.. That is the question!

No Contract

a 30-day rolling contract which you can cancel at any time. Just give us 30 days notice if you ever need to leave.

6 Month Commitment

if you’re able to make a 6 month commitment to getting yourself in better shape, then we offer a discounted monthly rate.

12 Month Commitment

is perfect if you want to make a real, serious commitment to transforming your life. In 12 months we’ll not only transform your body, but your mind and how you think about food, exercise and your health. We reward you for such a commitment with our biggest discount too.

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