Responsibility and Blame – Why They Matter To You

Responsibility and Blame – Why They Matter To You

Concept of social accusation of guilty businesswoman many fingers pointing at isolated on grey office wall background. Portrait scared anxious embarrassed woman biting fingernails

Concept of social accusation of guilty businesswoman many fingers pointing at isolated on grey office wall background. Portrait scared anxious embarrassed woman biting fingernails


Don’t you?

It’s her fault that we’re late sorry, she was too busy faffing on…

It’s his fault I couldn’t eat clean at the weekend, he won’t support me in what I am trying to do…

It’s not my fault I couldn’t train tonight – the hubby didn’t get home in time.

I can’t train tonight because my friend can’t make it and I’m too scared to come on my own.

Just a few that I have pulled off the top of my head that I hear frequently without even having to search for some examples for you.

You see – blame is a funny thing.

Often people use other people as their excuse –

If you’re going to be late because of someone else and you don’t want to accept responsibility for being late with them and apologise for yourself being late – DON’T WAIT ON THEM.

Granted, I am often late.

I am the queen of faffing about on a morning
and I ALWAYS lose my shoes and keys thinking
I left them in the normal place

But NEVER would I be blaming anyone else. I’m late, it’s MY fault.

I am really committed to accepting responsibility for who I am, what I create and everything I have control over.

If you’re putting on weight because you’re only making HALF of the effort with your nutrition because you’re too easily de-railed by your friends, family and loved ones – that’s YOUR responsibility.

If you’re missing training sessions because your friend has childcare issues or changed their mind and can’t be bothered, guess what – it’s STILL your problem.

You see – I’ve been there – I’ve had LOTS of fun enjoying food with my other half in the early years of our relationship – going from sub 12% body-fat to over 30% (owch that hurt!!)

And I blamed him being too good a cook, and for introducing me to nice restaurants.

Actually, that’s utter rubbish.

As is blaming your husband, partner or friend for this or that when in actual fact there are failings on your part too.

Instead of falling out and one blaming or the other – take responsibility for your part in it and fix it.

– If your relationship with that person is of value to you that is!

I actually blame myself for being too easily distracted and lazy to do my own meals – my choices don’t have to be his, like his don’t have to be mine.

I have found myself ‘training buddies’ in the past that would motivate me to train harder – and when they can’t make it I’ve skipped a session –

…and said ah well if you can’t make it I’ll go another day.

Guess what, I never went!

I’ve had disagreements with friends and fallen out with them – but actually realised that with a little bit of responsibility on both parts it can be put in the past and moved on from.

So I had to find myself a solution that worked for me, me only and depended on NOBODY else.

Sound familiar?

We can all look for blame and excuses about what’s wrong in our lives – but only WE have the responsibility for changing those things.

You see, responsibility is not the same as blame.

Blame determines who is at fault for something

While responsibility determines who is committed to improving things.

But in taking responsibility we first have to accept we are to blame for our own actions that got us where we don’t want to be in the first place.

And that’s the bit that stings most.

Once you have though – you’re in a GREAT place to get started and make things change.

Because once you know that YOU are responsible for creating your own success and waiting around on other people and depending on them to help you get there is NEVER going to work –

If you live in North Shields, Newcastle or Cramlington, you can get started as soon as you choose.

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