Sumer Sucks!

Sumer Sucks!

Allergy to pollen. Unhappy man i gas mask.If you have been feeling it this summer, I am sure
you will agree with me –

We look forward to summer months ALL year round
warm, summer nights –

This is the time of year that we should be spending time
outside socialising with our friends, families and loved
ones –

Not spending time inside, locked in a cool dark room
with a wet flannel over your eyes because otherwise
you’re going to scratch them out.

This year I have been SUPER sensitive to hay-fever
in fact it’s had my life a real misery

Nobody understands how it feels, and how much it
actually wears you down unless they have suffered it

It’s utterly rubbish.

Even at 37,000 feet flying over the Continent the other
day I was in absolute hell with my nose – stuffy

Eyes watering

Contact lenses swimming around my eyes

There’s absolutely NOTHING that’s saving me from it.

Not even my Piriteze was kicking this to the kerb.

Truth is – hay fever is a sensitivity which affects many
people in different ways –

Meds work for some people

They don’t for others.

I’m even using eye drops to try and sooth the soreness.

If you’re suffering, here are a couple of things
you could try –

1) Locally sourced honey – have 1 tsp every evening
this is believed to build up your immunity to the pollen.

(locally sourced is WAY better for you health wise too!)

2) Be conscious of your wheat and dairy in take, If you
have an intolerance to these (like I do eggs and lactose)
you’ll be more likely to suffer.

(these can cause reactions within the digestive system and
sometimes hay fever symptoms can be as a result)

3) Keep well hydrated – when you’re feeling rubbish and
irritable hydration is super important. You might forget about
drinking plenty of water when you’re feeling so yuk but it’s

4) PLENTY of tissues – you’re going to need these 🙂

5) Get some soothing eye drops – these should help ease
the dryness and soreness from rubbing and irritation.

6) Take a Pro-Biotic Complex – this will help improve Guy Flora
and should help with any digestive issues which could be affecting
your symptoms

7) Eat more: Chillies, Carrots, Vitamin C rich foods and Garlic
as they all bring anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, flavonoids and
bioflavanoids to help reduce symptoms.

8) Drink Chamomile Tea – nobody needs a better excuse to drink more tea

9) Sleep – get plenty of rest. It might seem irrelevant but
if you think about how much discomfort and irritation you’re
going through right now – it will be playing havoc with your cortisol

There’s not an awful lot we can do about it.

We just got to manage it as best we can, so here’s a few things to try.

I hear you –

Hopefully it will be all behind us soon!


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