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Close-up of an eye

Close-up of an eye

Have you seen the Film Focus – starring Will Smith?

If you have, you’ll know what’s coming, I’m sure – if not,

let me briefly tell you.

Nicky (Will Smith) is a seasoned con-man – there’s nothing
this man is scared of!

He meets this girl, Jess – who wants in on his ‘game’ and
at first he says no – she’s not got what it takes.

But after a bit persuasion, she gets in to the ‘game’ during
which time the pair start to spark a relationship together –

During the film, you find Nicky has this nickname of ‘Mellow’

and he got it from his father (Bucky, who you later in the film meet)

Because he was too soft, didn’t have what it takes and he kept losing
focus – and named him after a Marshmallow –

Harsh but true.

Anyhow, all of the way through the film, the main story is all about focus

(of course it is!)
And during the film and as you watch the relationship between Nicky and Jess
develop –

You see him losing his focus. And at one point you worry he is going to lose all
of his money on a bet at a Football game.

He wins in the end, but gives Jess her cut and sends her away.

He realises that she’s too much of a distratction to him – and he’s losing
his focus with her around.

He breaks her heart.

As every love story goes in a movie, the couple find each other once again
and their relationship re-kindles.

Not without bother though.

In the end, he wins the girl – (and his life, just about) and ends up
losing all of his money… everything he worked for.

… as a reminder of what happens when you lose focus.

So why does this matter to you?

Well, because regardless of whether this is a film about a con-man
and his love interest

Or your story with your health and weight loss (or general fitness)

If you shift your focus of the main priority (in his case, his business, in
your case, your health, fitness and weight loss)

And move it elsewhere, your concentration slipping will only cost you

And it’s WON”T be an inexpensive lesson –

It’s going to cost you pretty much all you’ve worked for.

Because generally, when people lose focus from their nutrition and their
training – weight gain and health issues are the price that gets paid.

People NEVER quit training, or fall off the wagon with their food without
ending up back where they started – or if not worse off.

And it’s when you’re low and at your worst, you’re the most vulnerable.

– Keeping focussed on your goals is SUPER important.

If you lose focus, you will get distracted, your priorities will ‘temporarily’
shift and before you know it everything is out of control.

And re-gaining control is even harder than when you got started with it
the first time.

Keep your focus, stay ahead of the game and keep winning.

… and if you want us to help you with that – all you need to do is

Reserve Your Space With Us Now – it will cost you NOTHING
for the first two weeks while you figure out just how good we are.

… and no there’s no con or catch here 🙂

See you soon!


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