What Have I Learned From 2014?

What Have I Learned From 2014?

happy new yearNobody is put on this Earth with the same start in life, and nobody walks through life in the same pair of shoes.

– and nobody knows how little things that may be significant or insignificant can have a lasting impact on our lives.

I like to think that with every challenge and experience I can take something positive from it to help me become a better person.

For me, 2014 has been a brilliant year but it hasn’t been without it’s drama or without it’s worries.

So what have I learned this year?

1. Love To Give –

Being a giving person and never expecting anything in return can make people’s expectations of you increase and increase with no limits.
Often the most precious things that people give are persistence, loyalty, belief, commitment, love and friendship – non-tangible things that we don’t essentially ‘see’ – time, thoughts, feelings.

Yet unfortunately when what you have to give doesn’t seem important to others anymore, – they don’t consider how much someone has given them and how upsetting It can be for the person that gave.

2. Respect People’s Time –
People that give their time to be your friend, someone that loves you or someone that helps you, they’re making an investment in you. Everyone has a busy life, and we all have priorities but what’s not a priority to you could very well be someone else’s top priority. Lacking respect for people’s time is honestly one of the most disrespectful traits I see in people. If you have an appointment, be there – if you have a date with someone, make it.

Don’t just assume because it’s not important to you, someone hasn’t put themselves out to make time. If you’re not feeling it – be honest. Yes we all run late from time to time, and we all make mistakes but there’s no worse trait than not respecting people’s time – their time is just as precious as yours, don’t waste it.

3 – Be Nice! –
So often to I come across people who see other loving, caring, sensitive people being ripped apart inside by people who can’t be nice to them. And infrequently do people see it.
Many of us are in jobs and places in our lives where we have to go through unpleasant things, experiences and times – don’t forget that just because it’s unpleasant for you, doesn’t mean it’s a pleasantry for them.

Quite often telling people things they don’t want to hear, having an opinion that is different is not easy for the person doing it – so take a second to consider your reply. If they’re being nasty, be the bigger person and don’t let them pull you down – more often than not, people want to be helpful and nice and nastiness comes out to try and deflect attention from weakness and personal insecurity.

We live in a nasty-enough world as it is. Imagine, if by being nice to people we see every day the world could become a much safer and happier place to be.

4. Push Harder When It Hurts
Life is NEVER a walk in the park – and I see more and more people will give up when it hurts, give in when it gets tough or just outright won’t even give it a go. Do you honestly think Richard Branson became one of the world’s most successful businessmen through sheer plain-sailing luck? If you want something you will need to brace yourself, be prepared for hurdles coming at you, expect turbulence and be prepared to grit your teeth, strap yourself in and be prepared to push through it.

Don’t just think you’re the only person that has a long day at work, or had a rubbish night’s sleep – you’re not the only person feeling skint, nor or you the only person that has been let down or had a bad day. The difference between the winners and the ones who wish to be winners is simply the fact they’re prepared to suck it up and push even harder when they feel the least like doing it.

By all means throw your tantrum, shed your tears, take a break and come back to it tomorrow – but I know for sure, what hurts today will become a tiny hurdle you can breeze once you’re got over it for the first time.

5. You’re Entitled To What You Work For –
You’re entitled to health if you love and nourish your body – take care of it and make sure you give it everything it needs to protect you.
You’re entitled to qualifications if you study and work hard for them.
You’re entitled to a good life if you work for it and earn it yourself –
You’re not just entitled to it because someone else has it and it would suit you to have it.

Never mind the person that’s working out 4 -5 times per week and eating clean 90% of the time to get comments such as ‘it’s alright for you, you’re not fat’, ‘I wish I had your body’
You’re not just entitled to something – work for it and earn it.

There’s no such thing as luck – we earn our luck ourselves – and when we do, we have more respect for it and find ourselves never taking what we have worked so hard for, for granted.

Create Your Luck, Earn Your Happiness, Love And Stay Strong In 2015!

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