What Slimming World Doesn’t Teach You

What Slimming World Doesn’t Teach You

Hands forming word "Hormones" with jigsaw puzzle pieces isolatedLast night at Bootcamp was chatting with one of our amazing members, Glenda (sorry Glenda!!)

And she was telling me that she is literally only 0.5lbs off hitting her 4 stone weight loss… how amazing is that?!

… So of course, she’s more determined than ever to get over that 4 stone mark by next week.

Glenda said to me that the people at her Slimming World class asked her what she’s been eating to achieve such amazing things –

And her reply – “nothing that’s on your plan… full fat yoghurt, nuts, goats cheese….”

In fact, she told me that she only pays her £5 every week to be weighed and to get her certificates and stickers –

Of course, that made me laugh – but it’s true.

She’s no fool either – she listens, learns and follows the plan – and evidently 12 months later it has paid off – with an amazing story to share.

Anyway, the difference between what Glenda has been doing, and what Slimming World has been doing – is putting focus PRIMARILY on balancing one thing –


Now, if I set out to tell everyone that we’re not going on a diet, we’re going on a hormonal balancing journey – they would probably think I’m nuts.

But it’s true. Weight loss – regardless of whether you’re looking to lose weight because you have no self confidence, low self esteem, because you’re depressed, because your health is being affected, because you’re an athlete or a body builder is all about hormones.

Anyhow – back to the hormones.

I don’t bang on about this stuff because it’s good for me – I do it because with it, you will NEVER need to struggle with your weight again.

If you balance your hormones you WILL lose weight. You will also find that yo-yo diet thing only something fools suffer…

And you can make some BIG changes to your hormonal balance by just following these eight tips:

Handle Stress – Even if you’re eating right and training regular, if you’re too stressed out high levels of Cortisol (stress hormone) will through your hormonal balance out of whack. Even thin people who might not have a weight problem will have higher amounts of abdominal fat when stressed out, compared to those who manage their stress levels,

Oils – Commercial oils such as Sunflower, Vegetable, Peanut, Canola, Soybean and Margarine are all chemically altered fats and lead to health problems such as heart disease and hormonal imbalance. Stick with the good guys such as Coconut Oil and Olive Oil (- don’t heat!) and Fish high in Omega 3 fats.

Regulate Leptin – Leptin is the hormone which basically is the good guy where your hunger and metabolism is concerned. Look after it! Leptin deficiency comes from eating too many sugary foods, processed foods and skimping on sleep. This fundamentally leads to food cravings (bad ones) and slows down the metabolism.

More water and herbal teas and less caffeine – caffeine will raise your cortisol levels and slow down thyroid function. If you need that fix, have a good quality coffee (no milk) with some Coconut Oil for slow caffeine release.

Omega 3’s – More of these through supplementation is one of the simplest ways to balance out your hormones and get you ahead in the game pretty sharpish. Oily fish is a great way to do this, or a high quality fish oil (not high street bought) if you don’t eat a lot of fish. Eat plenty of avocados (even if you have to hide it in a smoothie or juice!)

Nutrients – Get them in with every meal. Phyto-nutrients especially from raw green plants. You should be looking to have 3 – 5 servings of these per day – this does mean at breakfast time too! So if you struggle on the veg for breakfast front (try it first!) try juicing or a smoothie in a morning and a hearty salad later.

Eliminate the white stuff – by which I am talking about sugar, bread, alcohol, foods made with white flour such as pasta, bagels even white potatoes are high in starch – these are the bad guys and up there with the worst offenders when it comes to poor health and weight gain.

Synthetic Hormones – Birth Control, in the way of Pills, Injections, Implants are all guilty of giving us hormone imbalances. They affect our hormone balances in many ways so unless they are essential, you might want to consider weaning off them!

So there you go – it’s not about the Calories In vs Calories Out.

Nor is it REALLY about portion size…

Look after your hormones and you will NEVER be fighting with your weight again.

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