Health, Wellbeing and Relaxation


Need to relax and reset yourself? Welcome to Benefit Yoga

You’ll find a combination of contemporary and traditional Yoga, delivered to you by the region’s top professional yoga instructors.

People from across the North East attend Benefit Yoga for a whole range of reasons, maybe you too are looking to:

Improve your flexibility

Get in shape

Relax and reset your mind and body

Get in touch with your spiritual side

Whatever your reason (and we won’t pry), our Benefit Yoga classes are incredibly popular because we fit them around your needs at every stage, and only employ highly experienced, highly qualified teachers to ensure you get the very best every single time.

How The Benefit Yoga Course Works

We offer 5-week courses that take you from the rudimentary beginnings through to more advanced things. All of which you do at your own pace, to get the benefits you desire.

Your membership includes 5 consecutive classes, which are held at same time, place and location every single week. This makes it nice and simple for us all.